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Cooperation with Szeged University

As a consequence of our international PISA activities, we have developed good connections to Szeged University in Hungary over the last years. The connections with the Center for Research on Learning and Instruction, headed by Benö Csapó, lead to an exchange of people, invited talks at both places, and conferences organized with the help from both sites.

For example, the legendary “Szeged Workshop on Educational Evaluation” (SWEE, see my report about last years event, in German) brings together young scholars from different countries and has a nice workshop atmosphere. For the coming SWEE4, our Heidelberg group comes with 10 people to Szeged! Once again, the location will be the nice building of the Hungarian Academy of Science, near to the Dom Square.

Now both rectors, Gábor Szabó from Szeged University and Bernhard Eitel from Heidelberg University, signed an “Agreement for Collaboration and Scholarly Exchange” to make this activity visible outside and potentially to get European funding for this cooperation.

We are looking forward to our continued cooperation and to the exchange of students and faculty members. A book project with the tentative “Nature of Problem Solving” is currently under way, edited by Beno Csapo and Joachim Funke, and shall be published next year. It contains articles from scholars all over the world, including chapters written in common by researchers from Heidelberg and Szeged.

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