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Lectures at Szeged University

Since 2009, there exists a scientific exchange and even an cooperation agreement between the Department of Education at Szeged University (represented by Beno Csapo), and Heidelberg University, Department of Psychology (represented by me). We had in the last years exchange of doctoral students, but also scientific exchange on national and international conferences and through common publications.

Now, I was at Szeged University again for one week of high-level teaching of doctoral students. Our Heidelberg ideas on assessment of complex problem solving and dynamic decision making, our ideas on assessment of collaborative problem solving (CoPS) are now disseminated to the Hungarian doctoral students. Plans for collaborative data collections have been made, consultations with doctoral students have led to sharpen their own ideas for research.

Besides another week of research-oriented teaching, it was a nice stay - the hospitality of the Szeged team made my stay a great experience. Students were keen to learn, the weather was the best I have seen in this city (and I have been here at Szeged several times now). I am looking forward to my next stay!

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