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Teap-Team is expecting the conference

The Teap conference at Heidelberg runs from March 20 to March 23, 2016. Thanks to the many contributions, we could prepare a wonderful program (load as PDF) with more than 600 individual presentations in 12 parallel sessions per day and now hope that all participants will arrive in good shape and in good mood at Heidelberg.

Sabine Falke, our chief coordinator, prepared the contracts for our large team of helpers. Under the lead of Jule Wolf, our team of student assistants (Sina Baader, Ines Brenner, Fabian Dittmar, Julia Folz, Anna Hänig, Amelie Haindl, Holly Hammerton, Alexander Kipnis, Nini Lü, Linda McCaughey, Melanie Meisel, Theresa Mentrup, Lorena Morschek, Kilian Ramisch, Fiona Rupprecht, Johannes Schultheis, Manuel Thoma, Corinna Walter, Fynn Ole Wöstenfeld, Imme Zillekens) is prepared to help visitors and guests in case of any problems (or better: to prevent problems before they might occur). In addition, our secretary, Mrs. Edith v. Wenserski, helps us organizing the food and drink logistics of our event. You can see most of the team on the picture above, wearing the Teap shirt that helps to identify us.

Participants of the Teap can (from Sunday on) be identified by theirs bags with the Teap 2016 logo imprinted. It might be that Heidelberg citizens - based on the many bags visible on Hauptstrasse (Main Street) - will notice the presence of so many psychologists for a short period of time. I will check that, too!

Looking forward to an exciting and stimulating conference in the sunny town of Heidelberg!

BTW: If you are on Twitter, follow me (jofu01) with the hashtag #teap2016.