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About complex problem solving

Recently, I was asked by an initiative called Latest Thinking to tell something about my research for a broader audience - now it is ready: an open access video for the public audience! Here comes the summary:
“Decision-making in a complex world is a challenge. Some people are better at it than others. Why is [...]

#Teap2016: A nice conference is over

From Sunday, March 20, until Wednesday, March 23, about 800 participants here at Heidelberg constituted an activity that was labelled the “58. Conference of Experimental Psychologists” (or in short: #teap2016, to use the Twitter hashtag). More than 600 contributions were presented during the 3 days, 12 sessions were run in parallel. Wow!
The Teap (the acronym [...]

Teap-Team is expecting the conference

The Teap conference at Heidelberg runs from March 20 to March 23, 2016. Thanks to the many contributions, we could prepare a wonderful program (load as PDF) with more than 600 individual presentations in 12 parallel sessions per day and now hope that all participants will arrive in good shape and in good mood at [...]

Journal of Dynamic Decision Making (JDDM) has started

Roughly a year ago I mentioned in this blog our plans to publish a new journal - the “Journal of Dynamic Decision Making” (JDDM). Now the first articles have been published and more are in the pipeline. Together with Andreas Fischer and Daniel Holt, I wrote an Editorial that gives some insights into our ideas. [...]

New Honorary Professors

To strengthen the international connections of our department and also to bring our students into contact with leading researchers in their field, we are happy that the list of our prominent honorary professors has grown. Two highly renowned researchers accepted our invitation to become appointed as Honorary Professor at our department: Robert Kail (see my [...]

Results for PISA 2012 Problem Solving

On April 1st, 2014, the official results from PISA 2012 Problem Solving have been published! Wow! About 85.000 students from 44 countries participated in our computerbased assessment! Now everyone can see the results of what has been prepared, discussed, pretested, and refined for many years. A volume with 250 pages shows the main results:

OECD (2014). [...]

Cooperation with Szeged University

As a consequence of our international PISA activities, we have developed good connections to Szeged University in Hungary over the last years. The connections with the Center for Research on Learning and Instruction, headed by Benö Csapó, lead to an exchange of people, invited talks at both places, and conferences organized with the help from [...]